PTFA Badges

Are you a member of a PTFA Committee? Often during PTFA events parents would welcome the chance to chat to a committee member, but parents do not always know who sits on the PTFA committee. Why not give each member of the PTFA Committee a badge to wear at event and thereby solve this problem.

Button Appearance

We have 4 designs of badges/buttons: Pin, Magnet, Mirror, Bottle Opener. All designs are 59mm diameter. The fronts are shown on the shop page. Here are photos of the backs of the different designs. Pin Back All metal Weight 11g       Magnet Back Black plastic with embedded magnet Weight 11g     Bottle…



Are you organising a #BrewEd Conference? Why not give all attendees a #BrewEd Badge This will allow you to see if everyone in attendance is a legitimate attendee, rather than just someone who has gatecrashed your event. Attendees love them because they are great souvenirs which remind colleagues of a great day. We have lots…


Thank A Teacher

Many people have a reason to thank a teacher. Maybe you are a student who really appreciated what your teacher did for you. Or perhaps a parent. If you are a teacher yourself, you will know a lot of teachers that deserve your thanks. This is a simple way to express that thanks that will…